Imagine yourself walking along the water’s edge, the sand warm between your toes, carrying your sandals in one hand when you catch a glimpse of something half-buried and sparkling in the sand.   Crouching down, and moving the sand away with your fingers, you free a small glass lamp made of bright green coloured glass still 100% intact.

Taking it down to the water’s edge and washing it; you pull the towel from around your neck and rub it dry.   It’s very pretty with flecks of gold all through it and you decide to take it with you. As you shove into your bikini top; you hear a splutter; a cough and some droplets make the sand below you wet.  

“I can’t breathe” says a little voice.  


“I can’t breathe in here” says the little voice again.  

“Pardon?”   “Please get me out of here.”  

“Out of where?”  

“Where do you think? I’m not having much luck getting out of here, can you please rub me again…”  

“You’ve got to be kidding, are you inside that lamp? Okay, hold on.  I’m rubbing? Did that work?”  

“No, sorry, you’ll need to rub the lamp again, that should do it.”  

“Nope, nothing’s happening, nothing, nada, zilch!”  

“It is mercury retrograde, nothing is working, just keep rubbing!” 

“Ok,ok, ok – I’ll try rubbing the lamp again.”  

“Voila! Merci Madame! I’m Blue Meanie the Genie; and I’m here to grant you three wishes. Please stop staring, it’s rude.”  

“Well, it’s not every day one meets a Genie, cut me some slack please. The wishes sound good, are you serious about those wishes?”

“Yes. I’m serious. 3 wishes, if you could have anything at all on the earth what would it be?”  

“Well, I want good health.”  

“Great, so prioritise your health and remember whatever you put in front of your health you should be willing to lose.”  

“What does that mean?”  

“If you put work before your health, you could get sick and you won’t be able to make money, so your health must come first, not your job. You see?”  

“It’s true, I see but I think I’d like another example to make sure I’m following you.”  

“If you put your family before your health, then you might get sick and die and you won’t be able to watch your kids grow up so you also have to take good care of yourself? Do you get the drift?”  


“Okay, so you’ve still got 3 wishes left.”  

“Well, I want to be a better sailor.”  

“Well, spend more time sailing. What you put your attention on grows. You don’t need me for that either, so you’ve still got three wishes.”   

“Uhm…this is getting tricky every time I give you a wish you turn around and say I can make my own wishes come true.”  

“Well, you can, and you are a quick learner too.”  

“So, why are you going around washing up on beaches and granting people 3 wishes if they can do it all themselves?”  

“That’s a good question: why do you think?”  

“To annoy people?”  

“No, I prefer to think about it as help people get clear on what is most important to them, as per my job description.”  

“So, if I get clear on exactly what I want, you can help me get there?”  

“Yes, I sure can but first let’s get clear on exactly what it is you want, shall we?  

“I’m crystal clear on that.”  

“Well, hit me up. C’mmon, what are you waiting for?”  

“Well, I want to make enough money to travel the world with my loved ones, preferably by sailboat. Ideally, a funny husband who makes me laugh, who really gets me. The icing on the cake would be that he loves sailing as much as me. Imagine if he would happily travel around the world with me with only the wind at our backs?”  

“Hmmmm, that sounds like three wishes wrapped into one to me, but that’s okay, we’ll still count that as only one wish. Anything else?  

 “I would like to stop eating everything in my line of sight, I would like my skin to be shining and vital and ooze great health from every pore.”  

“Noted. Next?”  

“Well, I would love to write more books and help more people. Is that clear enough?”  

“It’s clear enough. Now, what is standing between you and those things?”  

“I eat everything I see.”  

“So, ask me for help to employ some discipline.”  

“Discipline, please.”  


“Oh, and I need money to travel and sail, and quite a lot of it if I want to be able to pay for my loved ones to travel with me, so, I’d like some help in that department too.”  

“Haven’t you just started your own business? Why don’t you consider asking me for help to bring you the right people to make sure it’s scalable, profitable and wildly successful?”  

“Please. That would be great. I also need time to write more newsletters like this one, and more books, lots and lots more books. What can you do about that?”  

“Well, you can ask me to help to create more time in your schedule, I can do that. I’m a Genie.”  

“Yes, please.”  

“Done. Your three wishes have been granted and if you were paying attention I gave you a fourth wish for free.”  

“Thank you. So, what now for you blue meanie the Genie? Are you planning to stick around or are you going to head back into the green glass lamp and find another beachcomber to help? Do you want me to put you back?”  

“Yes, for now, put me back down in the sand. I’m heading back into my lamp but whenever you forget you are your own guru, I’ll be back to remind you.”    

“Will do.”  


Get crystal clear on the 3 things that you would like, imagine them in detail and as always, if you are feeling so inclined, go ahead and share them with us by replying to this email.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go to it!  

If you pop a visual representation of those things you want on your device screen saver, even better! You’ll never know if you don’t try and as always, I’d love to hear how it goes.