Hi, I’m Maree.

I am the author of The NO Bullshit Guide to Getting Sober & The No Bullshit Guide to Staying Sober. I’ve written two helpful books that are evidence-based, practical, and no bullshit — if you read my books and find you’re being more honest with yourself than you’ve ever been before about your drinking, great. Even better still? You get inspired to kick about and try something different in your own life. That’s the whole point.


I wish I’d had books like this when I was getting sober and trying to stay sober and the going got really tough. It was important to me that they could both be re-read without getting boring.

There were some practical considerations too; they had to be pocket-sized; they had to fit in a guy’s back pocket or a chick’s handbag without drawing too much attention to themselves. My litmus test was that they made me laugh out loud.

The NO Bullshit Guide to Getting Sober is the security blanket I wished I’d had (but didn’t) when I was getting sober.

The NO Bullshit Guide to Staying Sober  clearly explains ‘dry drunk’ and makes sure you’re on track for a happy contented sobriety. Not one where you have to sit on your hands every time someone opens the top shelf.


Because the concentration span of anyone in early recovery isn’t too crash hot, I’ve also made both books audiobooks. 

The audiobooks are narrated by me and if you see an angel wearing headphones when your eyes are closed listening to it, it is probably the sound engineer, Reece Muir, watching over you. He busted his arse to make these relatable for you too.


I’ve always written for pleasure but I wrote for a living too, at TVNZ. I’ve been published in the Herald, TNT Travel, LA based Elephant Journal & NZ Dirt Bike Rider Magazine. I’ve been featured on the Nutter’s Club, Reality Check Radio and the AM Show. 

Punchy, I love its conversational style, it rockets along. The NO Bullshit Guide to Staying Sober is just as good as Getting Sober and might even be better.
James Belfield, Sub Editor, Sunday Star Times.